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CrashRpt.h File Reference
#include <windows.h>

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struct  crash_rpt::ExceptionInfo
 Information about exception being processed. More...
struct  crash_rpt::custom_data_collection::ExceptionInfo
 Information about the exception. More...
struct  crash_rpt::custom_data_collection::IDataBag
 This interface used to add custom data to crash report. More...
struct  crash_rpt::custom_data_collection::Settings
 Contains data for optional custom data collection after the crash in context of sendrpt.exe process. More...
struct  crash_rpt::ApplicationInfo
 Contains data that identifies your application. More...
struct  crash_rpt::HandlerSettings
 Contains crash handling behavior customization parameters. More...
class  crash_rpt::CrashRpt
 To enable crash processing you should create an instance of this class. More...




typedef CrashProcessingCallbackResult(CALLBACK * crash_rpt::PFNCRASHPROCESSINGCALLBACK) (CrashProcessingCallbackStage stage, ExceptionInfo *exceptionInfo, LPVOID userData)
 Client crash callback function prototype.
typedef Result(CALLBACK * crash_rpt::custom_data_collection::PFNCUSTOMDATACOLLECTIONCALLBACK) (const ExceptionInfo &exceptionInfo, IDataBag *dataBag)
 Client crash callback function prototype.
typedef crash_rpt::CrashRpt CrashHandler
 Deprecated. Use crash_rpt::CrashRpt class instead.
typedef crash_rpt::ApplicationInfo ApplicationInfo
 Deprecated. Use crash_rpt::ApplicationInfo class instead.
typedef crash_rpt::HandlerSettings HandlerSettings
 Deprecated. Use crash_rpt::HandlerSettings class instead.


enum  CrashProcessingCallbackStage { crash_rpt::BeforeSendReport, crash_rpt::AfterSendReport }
 Stages when crash processing callback called.
enum  CrashProcessingCallbackResult {
  crash_rpt::DoDefaultActions, crash_rpt::SkipSendReportReturnDefaultResult, crash_rpt::ContinueExecution, crash_rpt::ContinueSearch,
 Result code for crash processing callback.
enum  Result { crash_rpt::custom_data_collection::ShowUploadConfirmDialog, crash_rpt::custom_data_collection::DoUpload, crash_rpt::custom_data_collection::CancelUpload }
 Result of custom data collection.

Macro Definition Documentation


To redefine C assert macro behavior define macro CRASHRPT_ENABLE_RELEASE_ASSERTS as 1 and include CrashRpt.h in each translation unit as soon as possible (precompiled header is the best place for that).

2 #include <CrashRpt.h>

When _DEBUG define is not defined (it is Release configuration) assert macro evaluates an expression and, when the result is false, sends report and continues execution. When _DEBUG define is defined (it is Debug configuration) assert macro works as standard assert macro from assert.h header.

All assert calls before CrashRpt.h inclusion would work as standard asserts.
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